Good News To You!

GoodNews To You.
Exciting News! Forsage Launches NEW TRON Forsage Program.
Forsage has just introduced a NEW, additional program, called TRX Forsage.
This new program is in Addition to the original Forsage program that uses Ethereum (ETH). So now there are 2 different, Official Forsage Programs. One uses ETH and the other uses TRON or (TRX). Forsage is now offering BOTH programs. People can choose to join the ETH version, the TRON version, or Both.
The reason for this additional program is due to the recent soaring transaction fees for ETH. In August the transaction (gas/network) fees that are charged by the blockchain miners when you join Forsage, and every time you buy a new position, started going up rapidly. It used to only cost a few dollars per transaction. Due to the gigantic growth of Forsage, the Covid virus forcing more people to work online, etc., the demand for ETH blockchain transactions has skyrocketed. The more demand on the ETH Blockchain, the higher the fees go up. In some cases, these fees have gone up to hundreds of dollars just for one $15 transaction.
The transaction fees for TRON or (symbol TRX) are only pennies. The current price of TRX is around $0.03. Plus, at the moment they are allowing people to join the new TRX Forsage for ONLY 200 TRX. That is currently less than $6.50. For that you get 1 position in x3 and 1 position in x4. You can then purchase as many additional positions as you wish. The more x4 positions you purchase, the greater chances you have for spillover. PLUS, we are VERY Early with this. We are at the very beginning so we have a chance to be at the top and get massive spillover. There are almost a million members in Forsage. Since this is about a week old, there are currently only about 80,000 people in this new TRON Program. The herd is coming. Why not get in front of it now?
Forsage is the #1 Financial Dapp of its type in the world. Forsage is the true leader in the industry and they clearly know what they are doing. Yes, there are many copy-cats out there, but only 1 true leader, and that’s Forsage. They now have it all. Plus, they are continuing to come out with additional benefits that will greatly benefit all of us. This coming weekend they are adding an xGold level to the current x3 and x4 levels. My sponsor is going to put $125,000 into the new xGold program as soon as it comes out. That’s how BIG this is going to be. You don’t want to miss getting in early on this. It is going to be Amazing!
Question: Do you have to join the ETH Forsage version in order to join TRX Forsage?
Answer: No. You can join the ETH Forsage, OR TRX Forsage, OR both programs.
Question: Why should I consider joining the new TRX Forsage program?
Answer: Since it costs a lot less to join and since the transaction fees are substantially less, it very likely that you will have gigantic amounts of people interested in joining the new TRON program. Plus, (there are no guarantees but), there is a strong likelihood that the price of TRON could go sky high and by earning more TRX, we could make a lot of addition profits on the value of TRX going way up. If TRX only went up to 10 Cents, that would be over a 300% gain! With all of the demand this new system is going to place on TRX, it seems likely that will help to drive up the price.
Question: Does our Team support this new program?
Answer: Absolutely! We are conducting regular webinars on this new TRX Forsage program every week. We also have a TRX Bot that is available to everyone, For FREE, to help you promote your business. Plus, we’re working on additional support resources for this new program.
Steps For Getting Started With TRX Forsage
Step 1: Setup a Wallet that will interact with the TRX Forsage Smart Contract.
Android Phones: Use the Klever Wallet.
iPhones: Use the TokenPocket Wallet.
Personal Computers: Use TronLink Wallet.
Setup your wallet and save your password and your Seed Recovery Words.
Step 2: Buy some TRON (symbol: TRX) OR Swap other Cryptos for TRX.
To decide how much TRX you need to buy, decide on the number of positions you wish to purchase and add the quantity of TRX you will need.
If you are unable to buy TRX directly, you can buy Bitcoin Or Ethereum and then exchange it for TRX.
Places To BUY TRX, ETH or BTC:
Trust Wallet – Download App for Android phones.
Step 3: Join TRX Forsage. NOTE: When joining you may be presented with an option to join ETH Forsage OR TRON Forsage. Choose TRON Forsage.
If Using a Smart Phone and the Klever Wallet OR TokenPocket Wallet
Open your Dapps browser within your App.
Paste in my referral link:
 My ID# is:179191. Be sure that number shows as your Upline number when you join.
Click; Register and follow the steps.
If Using a Personal Computer and the TronLink Wallet:
Be logged in to your TronLink Wallet. Open a new browser tab at the top and paste these link; in the browser and click enter. That will open up a new page. My ID# is:179191 Be sure that number shows as your Upline number when you join. Click; Register and follow the steps.
You can purchase as many additional positions as you wish. NOTE: We are VERY EARLY with this. Spillover is not guaranteed but you have an excellent chance of getting spillover with this program and the more positions you have, especially in x4, the greater the chances you have of getting spillover.
If you need help… I can help you. Just let me know what you need help with and I am happy to help. Please message me on WhatsApp.
My WhatsApp number is: +2347037271896
TEAM BENEFITS: The main advantage of joining my Team is me. I know what I am doing and I can and will help you. I do this full-time. Plus, I respond when you reach out to me. Most sponsors do not. I am part of one of the largest Teams in Forsage. My sponsor has made over a Million Dollars in Forsage since February 2020. He has sponsored 500+ people. I have sponsored 450+ people. More people joining gives a greater chance for spillover. Spillover is not guaranteed but it happens more often on a dynamic, fast growing team. Both my sponsor and myself work Forsage full-time so we can help you. Once you sign up with my link, I send you a welcome email that has lots of great resources that will help you.
The best way to refer people is to refer them to our live webinars that are held throughout the week and on weekends. My sponsor conducts them and does an amazing job. They work. We also record them and provide links to the recordings. We do Opportunity Webinars where you invite your prospects, Team Training Webinars and Q&A Webinars. All very professional.
I have created a Private Forsage Team Resource site that is free for our team. It’s the best team resource website in Forsage and it contains; Traffic Sources, Marketing Training, Sample Email and Text Messages, PowerPoints, How To Videos, Marketing Videos, Forsage Calculator, Social Media Marketing Images, Daily Activities, Bing Advertising, Images, Best Ways to Buy and Invest ETH and more.
I also give you a FREE, ($3,000 value) world-class, Text and Website Marketing Funnel called TRX Bot. I customize it for you, with your links and info. It will help you take your business to the next level. It’s a complete marketing system. Totally Free. Plus, you can offer the same system to your people for joining YOU, and they can offer it to their people, etc. Huge Value Here!
We are a very active Team and want to see everyone succeed. I would love to have you join us and be part of the Team!
Looking forward to having you on the TRX Forsage Team and making a ton of TRON together!

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