Old technology that we still can’t replicate today?

I can’t think of any!

There are lots of things which have been recently (in recorded history) discovered or introduced, which were known in ancient times, fell out of use and were rediscovered, here are some examples:

i. Musty bread was taken orally and used in a poultice in Egypt. I know this sounds crazy to deliver.

According to research, Penicillin was found to be in existence in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. Fleming used a musty/mouldy bread to culture Penicillin!

ii. The Willow Tree bark was used as a pain killer. There may be lots of these medicians in the forests which we don’t really know about. It is said that the Willow tree bark contains a great volume of the salicylic acid.

iii. I’m really tickled pink with this research by Fleming, it is the reconstruction team of a Minoan ship that built it, Was thinking that the white hull was re-energized with Flax cloth and they used pine resin to hold it to a wooden frame and infused it with limestone powder for the hull to be white. The ships were said to be developed before 1650 BCE.

Composite (fibreglass) hulls were ‘introduced’ in the 1950s. Composite uses natural materials hulls which were technically demonstrated three and a half millennium before, Which is highly remarkable.

iv. The Lens – these are precision ground from the rock.

The precision is splendid. I’m not sure if there could be anybody today who could make this seal by hand, but this can be done with CNC very easily in our present day.

Assuming you were to ask this a hundred years ago, it would be quiet a lot, but now we so much to know how everything could be done before, the old methods used before now are still known.

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